About Ohmine Shuzou

東洋一の鍾乳洞「秋芳洞」を擁する山口県美祢市大嶺。雄大な自然が残るこの地で世界にプレミアムSAKE「Ohmine」を発信すべく、大嶺酒造は半世紀の休止期間を経て、2010年に復活した。原料は契約農家とともに作った最高級酒米「山田錦」仕込み水は神様の水として知られる「弁天の湧水」地元の恵みを熟練の技で醸した日本酒「Ohmine」は、白桃の様な香りと甘さの口当たりが特徴。ミシュラン3つ星レストランや様々なブランドのパーティなどで、その芳醇さが評判となり、生まれ変わって間もなくニューヨークや香港など、世界6 か国で展開されるように。遂にはスイスで開かれた「ダボス会議2013」での日本政府主催の晩さん会にて各国首脳に振る舞われ、世界でも要注目の銘柄となっている。


Ohmine Shuzou operations were resumed in 2010 after a hiatus of 50 years in Mine City, Yamaguchi, which preserves much of its ancient natural beauty: the Akiyoshi Plateau, a national park formed over the course of 300 million years; and Shuhodo, the most impressive limestone cave in Asia. Ohmine Shuzou is a pioneer sake brewery which aims to take advantage of the abundant natural blessings of Mine City through novel ideas. “Ohmine sake” has a sweet and rich aroma of white peaches, and is created with “Benten water,” also known as “Water for Gods,” and locally grown rice, “Yamada Nishiki,” which is additive free and masterfully crafted specifically for our premium sake. Since its introduction to the worldwide market, “Ohmine” rapidly gained popularity and has been served at Michelin three star restaurants and top fashion parties, and has been introduced to six countries. In 2013, the Japanese Government served Ohmine Sake to various world leaders at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013 in Davos, Switzerland.